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You probably know that CDs and DVD technology become obsolete and are no longer supported in most of the new laptops and computers. Even servers don't come anymore with CD readers and probably most of the patients and doctors of your Institution using tablets, smartphones, and laptops don't have CD/DVD readers. 

We have the solution: Secure cloud systems.

We have two different solutions that surely fits with your Institution's need: Secure Cloud solution called ExamsPortal or a Locally installed system called PatientPortal.  


Secure Cloud

ExamsPortal is our Secure Cloud solution to share securely studies with patients and consultants. The system much more reliable than a CD Robot, have no cost (you pay only for the studies that upload) and can be fully automatized


Private Hospital Cloud system

PatientPortal is our solution to Institutions that wants to install "in house" the PatientPortal to share securely studies with patients and consultants. This portal includes a credit card payment method for patient saving not only time and employee hours but making money for your Institution.

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