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About the founder

Diego G. Gicovate, PhD

Biomedical Imaging technology specialist. Member of the DICOM committee 17. System integrator and PACS director of Hadassah University Hospitals. Own a PhD in Biology Science of the University of Buenos Aires.  Teach Medical Informatics in Hadassah Collage, Jerusalem (Computer Science Department)

For a complete resume visit Linkedin page.

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Biggest installation​

Terem first aid clinics. More than 20 clinics distributed in the Israel territory running a Neologica LogiPACS full system with more than 1200 new studies received every day

Assuta, a network of 3 big hospitals, in Israel purchased Softneta Meddream viewer for their patient portal

Latest News...

12/2021 - Assuta Hospitals purchase from DGicovate the Meddream system for his Patient Portal

08/2021 - Heart Clinic purchase full Meddream PACS system solution

07/2021 - Hadassah Hospitals purchase Meddream system for his Patient Portal

11/2020 - Cybermed contract for DGicovate for Consulting and DICOM training

Installation, projects, and technology training countries during the last 20 years

DG WW installations.png

10/2020 - Oramed private cloud to be built with DGicovate/PurView Cloud for their trial & research project

08/2020 - Weizman Institute and Clalit Health Services selected DGicovate for your projects of anonymization of medical imaging data

11/2019 Lahav Pre clinic research center selected DGicovate (now DIMULOGICA) and Meddream as pacs system

Tipulnimratz Veterinary Emergency Services purchased ExamsPortals as Cloud distribute system for their customers and remote consulting

Luanda Medical Center started using ExamsPortal Cloud to distribute CT, MRI, Xrays exams to the patients.

ExamsPortal - imaging distribution system now installed in our servers in Rosh Hain.

Four Veterinaries are now running our Mac-based solution for image store and distribution.
First  Softneta PACS systems installed in a  various Veterinary Hospital in Israel

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